Thursday, July 15, 2010

Last Week- Part 2 Owl Pillows

DAG and I enjoy owls. I have read him the book Can I Have A Hug? since he was about 6 months old and we have 2 copies. Inspired by our mutual like of something I decided to make him some no sew pillows for his bed. I also did a star pillow.

In order to finish the pillows I had to have him engaged in his own task. In the past I have had him wash all of his dishes, pots, pans and measuring cups from his kitchen. This time I thought he could do all the food. This has become a very useful way to clean his toys and I don't feel guilty about him using water since he is not wasting it. 

After he was done I still needed a few more minutes. I gave him this tray I found at Ikea for under $3 and gave him 9 frogs to but in each tin. I did not even need to tell him what to do. He counted the frogs aloud and he asked to do it again. He repeated the process several times. Just enough time for me to finish his pillows. We have since done this with snacks and other animals.

It looks as though I should make him a tool belt.

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